My Thoughts on the Somali Pirate Situation
Posted February 25, 2011

As many folks know by now the killing of the people on the Quest by Somali pirates as the US Navy and the FBI negotiated for their release is very regrettable.  The New York Times printed an article, referenced by yesterday's Security Management Daily newsletter, titled: Seizing of Pirate Commanders Is Questioned.  As the US Navy and the FBI attempted to deal with this hostage taking situation they were reportedly unable to talk with land pirate commanders / co-conspirators. &nb...

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Terrorism Case: North Carolina Man Pleads Guilty in Terrorism Case
Posted February 10, 2011

This is a follow up to the post: Warnings of Domestic Terrorist Threats The Chicago Tribune also published an article today about Daniel Patrick Boyd, the North Carolina man who is accused of leading a terrorist group, pleaded guilty on Wednesday to charges of conspiring to provide support to terrorists and engaging in a conspiracy to murder, kidnap, maim, and injure people. Daniel is, in police parlance AKA (also known as) Saifullah (meaning Sword of God). This guy made it a family...


Warnings of Domestic Terrorist Threats
Posted February 10, 2011

Today's Security Management Daily blast had a reference to an article about "Officials Warn of Domestic Terrorism." In the article, "Officials such as Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said that the heightened threat level is the result of the rise of lone-wolf extremists in the United States who have little or no formal connection to terrorist groups like al-Qaida." Ummm, yep - confirms exactly what we've been saying for a while now but it is ...

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'Home-grown' terror threat increasing: report - Yahoo! News UK
Posted February 05, 2011

Guess some other report got leaked to Wikileaks that discusses British fears of more homegrown terrorist suicide bombers. Just great, huh? Well, the information is true - they would be very hard to find especially if they were lone wolf actors. For more see this article that came out in today's OSAC Newsletter:

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EU Risk Assessment and Mapping Guidelines for Disaster Management - Commission Staff Working Paper
Posted February 04, 2011

The European Union issued its COMMISSION STAFF WORKING PAPER pertaining to Risk Assessment and Mapping Guidelines for Disaster Management today. If you're interested in reading it, the document can be downloaded from this link: ...

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Haiti Presidential Election and President Rene Preval
Posted February 04, 2011

Well hooray for Haiti, President Preval and the international community on this one! Apparently, the much contested candidate for the run-off presidential elections in Haiti has announced that he's stepping out of the race. That opens the door for a run off for the two candidates deemed most legitimate for that process by the majority of the population and by the international community. That's a good thing for the democratic process in that still fledgling democracy. Democracy in tha...

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