Dealing with the Press
Posted January 25, 2011

Security Management on-line magazine just published an article I submitted to them pertaining to dealing with the press and followed up with a podcast interview of me with the subject.   To read the article please go to: ...

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NYPD's Lessons Learned From Tucson-Style Shootings - Metropolis - WSJ
Posted January 24, 2011

The Security Management Daily Newsletter referenced an article about NYPD officials giving an analysis of active shooter scenarios that have taken place over the last 45 years and referenced the latest attack in Tucson, AZ that is being so widely publicized. Some interesting statistics here: they says that 46% of those attacks were stopped when law enforcement officers or bystanders used force against the attacker. It seems that the NYPD is advocating establishing safe rooms and stocks of med...


Latin American Herald Tribune - Former Haitian Dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier Charged with Embezzling
Posted January 19, 2011

Well, yesterday we said it would be interesting watching Haiti.  No democracy can exist, or function well, without adhering to the rule of law.   Yesterday many reports of "Baby ...

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Haiti Rumors Fly as Ex-dictator Stays Mum in Hotel
Posted January 18, 2011

Most of you know that we have deep connections with The Republic of Haiti so one of the issues that we are watching with great interest is the return of former dictator "Baby Doc" to Port au Prince.  One word t...

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The Need for Certification in Dignitary and Executive Protection
Posted January 12, 2011

By: David L. Johnson, DABCHS, CHS-V    Posted with permission of Inside Homeland Security Magazine   For a guy who has spent the last 30 years providing dignitary and executive protection and training others to ply that trade, I’m j...

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Homeland Security Today: Violent Homegrown 'Jihadists' Discussed in Congressional Report
Posted January 11, 2011

A Congressional Research Service report on homegrown jihadists was updated in December and has some interesting points to ponder.  The full article published by HS Today contains a link where you can download the actual report if you want to read it.   ...

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Inspire Magazine is Already Inspiring People
Posted January 11, 2011

Unfortunately, but predictably, it looks like "Inspire" magazine is already "inspiring" people.  Check out this article:  An al-Qaeda link in British terrorism case? ...


American Board for Certification of Dignitary and Executive Protection Professionals Announcement
Posted January 10, 2011

AMERICAN BOARD FOR CERTIFICATION IN HOMELAND SECURITY HAS FORMED A NEW BOARD FOR CERTIFICATION OF DIGNITARY AND EXECUTIVE PROTECTION PROFESSIONALS Meeting in Orlando on September 22, the Board of Directors of the American Board for Certification in Dignitary and Executive Protection (ABCDEP) began the task of developing a U.S. standard and process f...

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Choose Your Training Provider Wisely
Posted January 07, 2011

Though this film clip has been around for a long time now and has circled around the internet under a variety of different names, it does illustrate one very important fact:  Choose your training provider carefully.  Somebody taught these guys that this “drill” would be a good thing.  Whether they are Jordanians, Mexicans or any of the other nationalities that have been tied to this film, they probably want to do something to make their nation safer.  Someone, ...

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ITG Executive Protection Training - EOD Demonstration
Posted January 03, 2011

If you’re working where IEDs are a potential problem, the ITG’s EOD demonstration proves to you why you should not neglect to search your car.  It just doesn’t take much explosive to peel one apart. While we don’t always have the resources / space available to do a VBIED demonstration we always do an IED demonstration for our students whenever we can. ...