Armored SUV failed to protect U.S. agents in Mexico - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
Posted February 23, 2012

As many already know, ICE Special Agent Jamie Zapata was murdered in Mexico a year ago this month, and his partner was wounded in the incident that has led to the Fast and Furious investigations and controversy.  That it happened seems to be pretty clear but media accounts differ on whether or not they were stopped at a road block or forced off the road by their assailants. We have no additional information on the modus ...

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Worldwide Threat Assessment Unclassified Record
Posted February 13, 2012

If you didn’t hear about it, the US Intelligence Community provided the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence with testimony pertaining to a Worldwide Threat Assessment.  Those of you who protect others for a living, especially those of you who travel internationally, support a multi-national corporation or who are just interested in keeping your fingers on that particular pulse may be interested in reading the U...

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