Executive Protection Agent's Training Course (EPATC)

Executive Protection Agent's Training Course (EPATC)

— Duration: 120 Hours

ITG's® EPATC is a dynamic, hands-on and intensive training course, which focuses on the protective methodology and practices used by virtually every U.S. Federal protective agency in the country.  Our training course evolved from the U.S. Army's Military Police School, Special Operations Branch, Protective Services Training Course, which was developed in response to various terrorist incidents directed at the U.S. Military in Europe at the time.  ITG's President, David L. Johnson, was one of the primary architects in the development of the course in the early 1980's.  The course consists of 120 demanding hours of training and covers everything a dignitary or executive protection agent needs to work on an unarmed detail anywhere in the world.  Since most private sector protective details are conducted in an unarmed condition, this course is tailor made to support your efforts in this arena.

We don't just sit you in a classroom and show you PowerPoint slides and discuss methodology.  There is no death by PowerPoint and you will practice every skill we espouse.  We provide coaching, mentoring and teach by the rule of: hear it, see it, do it.  Our training course is a definite hands-on program.  It is fully engaging and geared to illicit student participation.  You will develop skills, knowledge and abilities that will give you competence in this profession.  You will develop confidence in your abilities to perform protective operations in various team configurations, enabling you to face the threat spectrum effectively.  You get out of your training what you put into it.  Although our EPATC trains to a full protection team level, all of the blocks of instruction pertain to the individual protection agent, as to be able to work solo or in a team configuration.  We have chosen to train at a high threat, high resource level in order to provide our students with the broadest range of protective options possible.  it is much easier to scale protective operations down than it is to scale them up, and we provide the knowledge necessary to do either.

Borrowing from the concept of train as you fight, we will train in the very environment you will have to work.  Our course culminates with a two-day, real world Practical Exercise (PE) enabling the students to immediately employ the methodology, tactics, techniques and procedures learned throughout the course, in the public environment.  After successful completion of all training blocks and the Practical Exercise, our students are tested by academic examination that covers all subjects addressed during the course of training.  ITG's® EPATC trains with the doctrine that is consistent with that approved by the American Board for Certification in Dignitary and Executive Protection (ABCDEP), the first credible national certification program established in the United States, and is approved and available to government agencies at all levels, under the GSA cooperative purchasing program. 

Our EPATC is restricted to law enforcement agencies, federal agencies, military personnel, qualified civilian security professionals, and others interested in entering the EP field of work, that can successfully pass a background check.  All ITG® courses are dynamic and not limited to just classroom exercises.  Each attendee must be physically capable of jogging short distances, and able to perform the strenuous exercises common in tactical and protective operations.