Surveillance Detection (SD) Training Course

Surveillance Detection (SD) Training Course

— Duration: 30 Hours

Surveillance Detection (SD) is one of the few proactive efforts protection agents and details can utilize to enhance their ability to provide effective personal protection for their Principals.  ITG's® Surveillance Detection Course is a three-day (24 hour) training program covering the principles, philosophy and methodology of Surveillance and Surveillance Detection.  ITG's® SD course is not a three-day PowerPoint seminar, it is a hands-on training course allowing our students to immediately employ, through Practical Exercise (PE), surveillance and surveillance detection methodology, tactics, techniques and procedures used by protective details and security services all over the world.  Participants will conduct all practical exercises in the public environment, and benefit from the practice and knowledge they receive because of this fact. 

Surveillance Detection is often misconstrued with Counter-Surveillance, when in fact counter-surveillance is considered the third tier in the surveillance activities realm.  Our course starts with teaching about conducting Surveillance to familiarize students with the various surveillance techniques, methods, practices and the vernacular used.  Our students are then put through a surveillance PE, to best illustrate how to identify activities consistent with the actions of being under surveillance.  This PE promotes a better understanding of the attendant correlation of movement, and the most common mistakes made by surveillance operatives. 

On day two of our SD course, we present case studies where known surveillance was employed in attacks and how detecting that surveillance either mitigated or removed the threat of the attack.  We also discuss Penetration Testing and illustrate how it correlates with Surveillance Detection activities. 

Finally, we have our students conduct an all-day, Surveillance Detection practical exercise, providing SD support to an Executive Protection Detail, attempting to identify surveillance operatives attempting to collect information on the Principal and the Protection Detail.  In addition, we provide lecture and discussion about command and control techniques for SD teams, and factors pertaining to information gathering, analyzing, correlating and disseminating that information.  A decision making matrix will be presented and discussed that identifies the various courses of action available to protection agents suspecting that surveillance has been detected.

Since every victim of a planned, targeted attack has been the subject of surveillance in one form or another, and that dignitary and executive protection agents seek to protect their Principals from becoming a victim of such an incident, we firmly believe that all protective agents should be trained in this field of endeavor.

ITG's® SDTC trains with the doctrine that is consistent with and approved by the American Board for Certification in Dignitary and Executive Protection (ABCDEP), the first credible, national certification program established in the United States.  Our training is also approved and available to government agencies at all levels, under the GSA cooperative purchasing program.