Mobile Training Team

As the leader in providing executive and dignatary protection training services, ITG® has developed comprehensive training programs to fit our client’s unique needs by creating an advanced menu-based training program that is unparalleled in the private sector. By utilizing The International Training Group’sTM "Mobile Training Team" our corporate and government clients can tailor the training to meet their specific requirements, working environment or budgetary restrictions and know that they are receiving high-level, cost effective, client specific solutions, and not outdated or generic presentations.

ITG® has developed all of its training programs based on a Mobile Training Team format. We can take any or all of the programs we provide on the road and deliver it where our clients desire. We are fully capable of tailoring any of the programs advertised in this site to client specific needs and of developing additional training programs to support our clients on a global basis. We have training campus and facility support in Europe, Eastern Europe, India, Mexico and other locations or can use facilities and logistical support provided by our clients. Experience indicates that for those organizations desiring training of multiple personnel, it is often more cost effective to bring the trainers to the students versus sending multiple students to our open enrollment courses. Please contact us with your specific requirements to learn more or to receive cost proposal

ITG® employs professional instructors from diverse professional and academic backgrounds such as military protection, intelligence and investigations units, Special Operations, Federal and State law enforcement agencies and Corporate Security. Our Instructors are the most highly trained and experienced Executive / Dignitary Protection experts teaching in the private sector today. Our International Training GroupTM leads through their "real world" experience and are ready to work in concert with your team to customize a program based on industry best practices, our unmatched international protection and training experience, and overall expectations to meet your needs. Some of the benefits of utilizing ITG®’s Mobile Training Team include:

  • World renowned experts in Executive / Dignitary Protection and training
  • Cost effective solutions for the client
  • Instruction in your working environment
  • Completely flexible and adaptable to the client’s specific needs
  • Instruction focuses on advanced, newly developed proactive measures that have been successfully tested in "real world" situations
  • Instructors can meet with senior management and discuss training goals
  • Supervisors are able to observe and evaluate their staff's performance during training
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