Student Feedback

"I had an interesting experience today about 1430. I was outside the building on a break, and two guys decided to have a little shoot-out. They weren't very good, though, lots of rounds expended, nobody got hit for a couple of seconds. I hid behind a concrete trash can, and made a radio call to lock down my building, but there was no way I could get back quickly, so I was essentially locking myself out (not such a great feeling).

One guy took a few rounds, and took off running toward the BART station, bleeding--- the other guy disappeared somewhere. I kept the building locked down until the helicopter moved off and the K-9 guy went away...

Sincere thanks for emphasizing the critical difference between cover and concealment. Ya never know when that will come in handy ;-)"

"That was without a doubt the best class I have attended."

"Extremely impressed. Continued to exceed my expectations as well as discover strengths I didn’t know I had."

"Superior to any previous training I have attended related to the EP Sector."

"Superb, real life/real world training of up to date methodologies. Even attending the course for a second time, I learned new things and relearned stuff I had forgotten. The practical element of the course really helps to reinforce training and starts to build muscle memory. This should be considered a course for future Detail Leaders, Shift Leaders and Personal Security Officers rather than just “Basic Agent."


I wanted to thank you in a public way for the training you have given me over the years. Without a doubt, it saved my life (again) on May 22, in the social-services agency where I'm on contract as Security Manager.

I can't give too many specifics, because there is a strong possibility I will end up in court; but it involved a psychotic, delusional, speed-using client with a gun.

Now, I know that you guys don't have a class in "Dealing With Psychotic, Delusional, Speed-Using Clients With Guns" per se, but the solid protective doctrine you did teach me, and the way you developed my ability to think on my feet under maximum stress---that made the difference between life and death for myself and my staff.

Amazingly, when the PD came to take him down, one of the officers accidentally "flagged" myself and my director, and so I had to do a C&E on my boss!

Gentlemen, that situation would not have ended very well without your training. Thank you for doing what you do, and for being who you are. I really owe you one!"

Detail Leader's Course

“The Detail Leader’s Course was well-structured and comprehensive. The course provided me with a set of skills, which will enable me to accomplish tasks more efficiently at all levels in the executive protection field, as well as on a day-to-day basis in my personal life. I met a wonderful caliber of people with diverse backgrounds and experience which led to some great discussions. This was the third ITG course that I attended and I am looking forward to any future courses they may offer. David Johnson is a wonderful instructor who is always informative and engaging. In addition to recommending this course to anyone who is looking to further their skills in the executive protection field, the course is an invaluable resource for life if you are looking for a way to motivate others, inspire and build team unity.”

Ms. Yvonne DuBois
Director, Asia Protective Group, Ltd.

Detail Leader's Course

“Attending the Detail Leader’s Course through ITG has expanded my career in ways I didn’t expect. I honestly only expected the DL Course to expand my skill set in running a team from a “mid-management leadership” perspective. In actuality, it enhanced my skill in documentation development, security/emergency response planning, and security consulting. The Detail Leader’s Course through ITG and my years in security has enabled me to identify a missing product that hopefully will be out in the industry in 2013.”

Mr. Edward Castillo
Castle Protection Group

Detail Leader's Course

“Having been involved in EP work from agent to project manager over the past 21 years and owning firms for the majority of those years; I attended the first DL Course hoping I would still learn something new or something different that could make me more efficient or effective. I was not disappointed and came away with far more than I expected. I also believe the course cannot just be called a “DL Course”, as the tools ITG provide go beyond that and well into the realm of project management.”

“I highly recommend the course for those that want to move up the chain of command and want to be effective leaders!”

Mr. Philip J. Curlewis
CEO and Owner, Abate Risk Ltd.

Detail Leader's Course

“Again, thank you for all the instruction. The course was outstanding and is already VERY useful!”

Attending Student in February 2013

Detail Leader's Course

“Once again, I want to thank you for administering a great week of professional development. I worked harder and learned more than I expected to. I am, and will be a better operator and leader because of the time spent learning from you.”

Attending Student in February 2013

Detail Leader's Course

“I was truly blessed by not only your instruction but your leadership as well. I had been running on empty but you filled my encouragement tank and leadership well! I’ve been journaling all I learned from you last week this morning.”

Daniel Wilson
Selkirk Security Group